It Has Been a Long Time!

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We did not write anything here for a long time but maybe we will get to write more now. We had a lot of stuff happen it was mostly not BAD stuff but it made us not get a chance to write. But here are some things we want to write about.

One thing to write about is the movies we have seen. We saw Where the Wild Things Are. It was SOOOOOO good! It is like the book only there is more story. Even the big ones liked it a lot except it made us feel a little sad cause we are a lot like Max in the story he gets filled up with feelings and then they will explode. Also cause he was sad and lonely and people did not pay attention to him. We are writing with all the words spelled right cause someone is here who wants that I like it better when we can just spell how we like so then the words will sound right to ME!!!

The Wild Things movie was very good. It was done like a film where they cared about how it looked. It was not stupid like a cartoon. It is like if they thought kids care as much about if something is right as grown ups do. They did not INSULT kids by acting like they are too dumb to like a movie where it is not filled up with gross or stupid things. It was very good. I bet you will like it but probably you should take a handkerchief or something because you might cry sometimes at that movie.

We also saw Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. It was pretty good and kind of funny. One thing we liked was the dad, he had a big eyebrow and he seemed mean or something but actually he was just uncomfortable to talk to people. The guy of the movie was a scientist and he also had a lot of imagination but he was not exactly very smart. The girl in the movie was smart but she pretended to be dumb so that people would not make fun of her. The lesson of the movie is you are supposed to just be yourself.

That is all for right now but I hope we will get to write some more very soon.