Kwariem videos!

8:19 pm Fun stuff, Mandy

Thes are soem videos from our trip to the kwariem. You push the triangel butten then they will be videos not just pickshurs. I hoep you liek them!!!

The funny yellow fish is called a COW fish!!! the other ones are seahorses.

Thos are such cute littel jelly fish!! but i do not think they are babys. i think they are just littel but they are gron up jelly fish. the lady who told that kid they were babys was probly wrong but that is ok. i no they are big gron ups!

These are cool fish they moved very fast i culd not take a pickshur so i took a video then they were hideing but you can see them soemtiems.

Maby tomorrow or the neckst day i will get ANOTHER turn and i can put pickshurs of the kwariem and the zoo also but i wanted to make the videos and it took a long long tiem to figur out how.

By from mandy!!