Amanda’s Story; second part.

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This is the next part of my story. I haven’t written enough yet for it to be the whole first chapter, but maybe I will get more of a chance to write this week. Maybe the other parts won’t be so upset and busy and stuff. It’s kind of unfair to have to share a body!!

I will put the next part of the story after the link.

But Amanda knew she wasn’t normal. That was the big problem in her life. If someone were reading a book about her life in school, like in English class, and then the kids had to raise their hands and say what her main conflict was, they would raise their hands and say “She wants to be normal.”

Maybe one of the smart kids would raise their hands and say “The conflict is a person versus herself.” That is, if they have a teacher who explained that if the book is about a girl or something, then the conflict of the book isn’t going to be “man versus himself,” because she is a girl.

And then maybe one of the other kids, one of the smart kids who is bored and just wants to make class more interesting, might raise their hand, and say, “Maybe the conflict is a person versus society, because maybe Amanda only thinks she isn’t normal because of society!” And then the first smart kid might get into a discussion with the second smart kid, and all the other kids would get bored and roll their eyes and stuff. And the teacher would just try to get them to say the answer and move on, because she probably isn’t interested in discussion, and just wants to get through the lesson. Or maybe the smart kids are really lucky, and get to be in a class with only smart kids in it, and then the class will have interesting discussions, because no one is dumping out the pencil sharpener on the floor or throwing spitballs at people or any of the other stuff the kids who aren’t the smart kids do. Amanda wondered about that, because she really didn’t understand why making everything take forever was better than just having the lesson and doing schoolwork.

Thinking about all of that stuff about being in a classroom made Amanda glad she didn’t have to go to school any more. Some of school had been fun, but mostly, it was a lot of boring.

Amanda sat in her window seat, and noticed that the view from her window had changed to the back yard. Mandy and Teller were out at their dirt pile, like they almost always were. Amanda couldn’t understand what they liked so much about the dirt pile. But they would go out there almost every day, and dig in the dirt, or make lakes and rivers and roads for their trucks. One good thing about living in the magic house was that somehow, no matter how dirty they got, they didn’t track mud everywhere when they went inside the house.

Michelle and Jewel and Kara were sitting daintily in the gazebo having a tea party. Amanda remembered that she used to like tea parties when she was younger. But that was a really long time ago, now.

Grown ups usually laugh when a kid says that something about being little was a long time ago. But the thing about being part of a multiple was, even though Amanda was only eleven, it had been almost twenty five years since she was eight and still really enjoyed tea parties! So if you are a grown up reading this story, please don’t laugh when Amanda says something was a long time ago, ok?

Amanda would still sometimes have a tea party with one of the little girls, because they liked it when she would play with them. But sometimes, Amanda really didn’t feel like playing. And not just because she was sad. Most of the people inside her body understood about being sad or scared. But the little girls couldn’t quite understand why Amanda didn’t always like little kid games any more.

Sometimes, Amanda felt really left out. She was too old to really enjoy playing with the little kids that much, but she was too young to fit in with the teenagers. Amanda noticed that she was starting to feel really sad. Maybe the problem was that she was just sitting up in her room by herself. She wasn’t sure, but she decided to go downstairs and see if there was anyone around to talk to.